Factor Seven Productions


Factor Seven Productions prides themselves on their audio capabilities and with good reason ; they are simply of world class quality. Our audio team includes trained stage, back-line and audio systems technicians as well as monitor and front of house engineers. Our team has a wide range of exceptional monitors, mixing consoles, microphones, monitoring systems and back-line equipment to suite your needs.

Technical Crew

Apart from having a top class audio team at our disposal we also have a complete team of industry freelancers on our records to take care of just about every project you can think of. 

Our technical services includes:

  • Lighting Designers
  • Photo- & Video-graphers
  • Project & stage Managers
  • Riggers & Stage Hands
  • DJ’s & MC’s
  • Artists
  •  Event Co-organizers

Studio Work

Factor Seven Studios provides recording and mixing services.

Our objective is to work with you towards obtaining your ideal sound. This is done in a controlled environment equipped with top quality equipment leaving you comfortable in the hands of our experienced team.

Live Recording

At the Factor Seven Studio’s we offer live recording. Our studio is designed to make any artist feel at home during their performance assuring the highest quality of sound.

Our team also offers live on-site recording and broadcasting services for social media streams, broadcasting and video content.

The last and indispensable step in making of a track is the mastering of an album. Mastering a track means assuring the highest quality audio of the mixed track has been enhanced with dynamics, volumes, stereo-phony and frequency content. During the mastering phase the track obtains further characteristics and customized tone to be all you hoped it would be.

 Audio Dubbing & Voice over

At the Factor Seven Studio’s the bouquet of services also includes audio dubbing, voice over, synchronization and post-production. Contact us today for more information on live recordings for short films, documentaries, commercials and video clips

Our Work