Factor Seven Productions – A PASSION FOR ENTERTAINMENT

Factor Seven Productions was started by founder and owner Uys Scholtz as a weekend project back in 2005 when he started in career as Sound Engineer working with various high school productions and sporting associations. As time went by Factor Seven Productions expanded their focus to include social events, club events, live event solutions, front of house and monitor engineering and technical services.

Today FACTOR SEVEN PRODUCTIONS has expanded currently supplying freelance engineers and audio consultants, lighting designers, project managers and AV specialists in the industry. As with any company during our transformation we have also included the rental and installation of world class Audio Visual equipment for a vast range of industries.

With years of experience from our team we pride ourselves as being a top class supplier of audio and visual equipment and technical services as we can design the production around your event ensuring we use equipment that will work specifically for your event. Some of our most trusted engineers have been working along some of the best international artists touring abroad.

Some of our events:

Mr & Miss Eben Dönges High Gala 2004 – 2007
Eben Dönges Gala Event 2004 – 2007
Ultimate Seduction Trance 2019
HipHop Land 2019
City Lights by Night 2019
KC Trance Night April – Dec 2019
Hallows Eve Dark Knights 2019
Plett Rage Assistant Engineer 2019
Africa Energy Indaba 2020
Webersburg Conference 2020
WCED : Ethos Workshop Mark Otter 2020
KFC Franchisee Road Show 2020 – Cape Town Leg